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Who will be in the delivery room?

Just curious if you've thought about who you will have in the delivery room when baby is born?

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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

i want my fiance and my mother in the room. my fiance would just like it to be him but my mom is really good at soothing me and calming me down. un like him who just stands there and looks at me lol. and of course my mother and i are really close and i want her to be there. should i be more worried about what he wants or what will make me the most comfortable? i dont want to be selfish but when it comes to this i feel its more about the baby than him. not to mention this is my first child and his 4th!!!

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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

I'm wanting my mom and my husband there. Especially since we are having twins. For my first pregnancy both of them were there and ever since, my husband has always told me that he thought it felt wierd to have my mom across from him. I probably really wouldn't care at the time of delivery, but I know it would probably upset my mom for her to leave. And even though my husband and I've been married for 10 yrs, I really hate upsetting my mom more than him, so I guess he's just going to have to get over it. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

For our first two kids it was just me and my husband in the room. This time I'm going to ask my mom if she wants to be there.
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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

I only want my fiance to be there but my stepmom wants to be there too. I'm kinda debating if i want her to be there, because she's very controlling and she's the "i-know-it-all" type of woman... the last thing I'll want to be is "annoyed" while I'm in pain.
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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

I was 100% positive I did NOT want my mom to be in there and that I just wanted it to be me and my sons father. But I change my mind the week before I had my son and I am so glad my mom was there. I had some complications and I remember nothing my sons father said the entire day and only remember relying in my mom to help me and let me know what was going on. I am so glad I let my mom be in the room with me. But I did make it known that if there were problems and I needed a C-section that my sons father would be joining me in there.
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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

my husband and best friend were in the room with me. my mil offered but i couldnt take the thought of her being all up in my business. my best friend asked to be in the room and i gave her the go ahead along with a flee when she wanted to pass. it was great to have the two people with whom im the most comfortable with in there. they took turns soothing and supporting me durring the contractions. my advice to soon to be moms is have whoever you are the most comfortable with but be ok if they have to step out.
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