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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

My hubby and mom! However looks like psycho in law will be pushing her way in also.
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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

Just my husband. I am really scared to tell my mom because she has already mentioned that she will help talk me through it and is expecting to be there for the delivery but I just only want my husband. This is our first child and throughout his/her life it will be my husband by my side making all of life's big decisions so why not have him there for the start of it all.  Sorry mom please dont be mad :smileysad:

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Re: Who will be in the delivery room?

It will be just the hubby and I in the room. My mom wanted to be there but she will probably make it worse than it is. She is squeemish over blood and vomit and I don't see her doing well in the delivery room. 

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