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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

I'm 26 weeks as well and my baby girl moves around like you wouldn't belive! After I eat she seems to be the most active.

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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

So everyone is close in ates here right. Im 32 weeks pregnant almost and just found out that i have gestational diabeties. well kinda i went ot do the 3 hour test and got really sick from it so they are just having me meet with diatician and everything to take the percaution instead of doing it again. I feel like this is very daunting to me. I feel over whelmed im one of those people who drink soda and milk a lot both of which u cant have i also like cereal a lot and sweets i can live without the sweets but idk. Plus im so scared of everything that can happen to baby now because of this. I want a normal vaginal delivery. I dont want a c section nor would i or do i have any help after baby 3 comes i didnt hav eit with the other pregnancies so i just feel like crying all the time and i cant stop. I have no idea what else to do. Anyone else like this. anyone else have it. I know i was found to have it late in pregnancy so it scares me i really ont want nothing to be wrong with my baby I could really use some support right now i have no friends or family cose by me.



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