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My birth story

My Christmas gift came one day late this year with our son Braydon. I started having contractions Christmas Day so we went in. They said I was a 4 but they had me walk around for about an hour then checked me again and I was a 5. They admitted me in the hospital. I had Gestational Strep so they started me on antibiotics telling me that I needed at least two rounds before he came so that it was safe for him to pass vaginally. They checked dilation again but still no change, my contractions were still steady but no change in my cervix. They started me on Pitocin.

We called family up thinking the baby is going to be here in the next couple hours and didn't want anyone to miss it. This was at about 9 at night. Nurses would periodically come in to check on things but still no change in cervix. My parents who were watching my first son left the hospital about two in the morning to get some rest at home since my room was crowded with my husband's family who stayed all night.

I was able to get about an hour of sleep, the contractions just made it uncomfortable to sleep too long. The nurse came in for her final check up at about six in the morning and still no change. She informed me that she would call the doc and that more than likely the doc would go ahead and break my water (I wanted a natural birth - no epidural).

About 6:45 it was like all the Pitocin hit me at once! All of a sudden I am in so much pain and the thought of going natural went out the window. I was begging for an epidural. The nurse came in, checked me, said no change. Doc got there around 7 and she said I was an 8! I don't think she broke my water right then. I was still demanding an epidural and asking every nurse that came in the room if she was the anesthiseologist. They broke my bed down. I was so scared I wasn't going to be able to go through with it being in so much pain. I had my mother-in-laws guidance and my husband holding my hand not knowing what to do since he is his first child.

He was born at 747 and I was relieved I was able to complete it naturally. It all happened so fast. We got a healthy baby boy. Still sore. If you ask me if I would go natural again, no. Lol. One time experience is all I really cared to have.

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Re: My birth story

Congrats! Oh and I'm epidural all the way lol
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