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North West?

What are your thoughts on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby name choice? Do you think the name North West is trendy or weird?
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Re: North West?

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Personally, I see it as a do i say it without sounding like a rude individual?


I see it as "distasteful" , this child will be inevitably teased throughout her lifetime with compass and direction jokes, from peers to media (which, lets face it, the child will end up in with two famous parents).  It seems more like the thought of drawing as much attention to themselves as possible with this baby drove their name choice.

Did they ever consider that north will have to fill out job applications, and maybe will actually do something with her life outside of the media, and will have to fill out professional forms with a name like "North West".. can you imagine the jokes? "whats your middle name? south or east?"  or what person will take her seriously with a name like that. They say you are supposed to have professionalism, but you know that names, images, and sometimes parental factors, have a big say in your future.

 I feel bad for her if she ever tries to make a name for herself in the future.. I really do.


I guess to each his own though..

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