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Family law

Hello all,


I am a family law attorney in San Diego.  In my job people ask me lots of questions.  I thought I’d share.  All of the questions are real.  I promise.  I could not make these up.  If you have questions of your own, just ask.  If I can help, I will. 


Dear Georgia:


I have a lot of legitimate concerns to bring up in a mediation I have scheduled for today. But I have read to not start a character assassination. Will the mediator think I am doing so if I bring up the fact that my ex is getting swastika tattoos and that it worries me that he will instill racism in my child?


Dear Mom:


You were not clear what kind of mediation you are attending. If you will be attending your mandatory settlement conference prior to asking the court for a trial date, no, it would not be appropriate to discuss your husband’s body art. If it is custody mediation with Family Court Services, that’s different. You are right to be concerned. Getting a Nazi tattoo is unusual. While it is a legitimate form of free speech, some people might find glorification of the Nazi party to be a bad parenting example. The custody mediator may find the information helpful. Offer it as politely as you can, and explain how you are worried the tattoos may create an unhealthful environment of tolerance of hate crimes.


Good luck.


Now the disclaimer:  This response is intended to be a general statement of law, should not be relied upon as legal advice, and does not create an attorney/client relationship.


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