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young and trying to conceive

Im 18 and trying to conceive. I just got the depo at the beginning of the month and now weve decided we want a baby. can i get pregnant on the depo and how do i know when is the best time to conceive?

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Re: young and trying to conceive

Im 18 to and trying to conceive..I have not been on.depo for a while or any other birth control for that matter but I do know that the depo lasts for 3 months and even.after that you need to wait a while before actually trying to get pregnant my sister was on depo and the month after she got off she got pregnant and she miscarried and the docs said they think it was because of the depo. I know everyone is different be on the safe side if I was you I would wait a little bit longer before getting pregnant.
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Re: young and trying to conceive

Hey ladies,


I know Doctors say the Depo shot is safe, but I would, if you are able, to never EVER get that shot ever again! I know several women who have had their fertility drastically reduced to making them pretty much infertile because of that shot. I would never get it!

To the OP, You probably will not be able to get pregnant on that shot, it is pretty effective at preventing pregnancy. It could actually take awhile for your body to return to normal AFTER the shot wears off, by months to even years (for my friend, it took her 3 years ). So my suggestions are this, wait until November (im guessing when your shot will wear off, right?) and then forgo your next shot, and begin tracking your cycles. I wouldnt TTC for at least a few months after that shot has worn off. So track your cycles by using BBT and get to know your body again by this method, then you can figure out when you ovulate and etc. :smileyhappy:

A great website that most ladies here use is for tracking their cycles.


Next, join our monthly "board". That is where most of the activity goes on here, and the support from the ladies is amazing. So much so, that even when I was pregnant, i still posted with them because of their kindness and support.


And finally, 18 is really young. However, I completely respect your decisions, but i will tell you that having a baby, at any age, is difficult and life changing.

Are you planning to go to college any time soon?

Are you married or in a LTR? Is your SO going to play a very active part of being a parent?

How will everything be supported?


These are really good questions to go over with yourself to help develop a life plan, before a baby is actually concieved.

If you are planning to attend college in the near future, you may want to hold off for awhile. Im 25, and my daughter was born last year. I am a college student (late starter!) and I can tell you first hand how difficult and stressful it is to try to take care of a household, a husband, and your homework all at the same time. Its alot more difficult than you'd think. I thought it'd be easy, and it sure hasnt been. If you have to have daycare or a home day care/sitter, you also have to worry about those options and those individuals schedules, and sometimes suprises happen that leave you scrambling. And since becoming a mother, my GPA is definitely not that 3.7 that it used to be, and that kills me.


I dont want to sound like an old fashioned individual, but my mom was a teen mom (with me born at her age of 19) and she always told me how tramatic it was for her, and how difficult it was, especially considering the fact that my father up and left her when she told him she was pregnant.  When I got PG with Layla, my now hubby and I, had been together for nearly 4  years, and had set a wedding date for October 11,2012. 3 months later, I found i was pg, due october 7th.. so we moved the wedding up to june.  I believe it is extremely important to have a great, stable envoirnment for a baby.. so please make sure your partner is completely ready for this. You dont realize just how much a baby will change your life til you have one. I mean, simple things are no longer simple. Like running inside a store for a 2 second item to grab..nope, now you have to grab baby, carseat, wallet, etc.. Bathroom trips? Oh you'll love the 10 seconds to yourself.

Parties? No. (not that i was into partying ..ever) wild middle of the night drives through nowhere? Nope.

Sometimes these little changes are very stressful, so make sure you are both completely and totally ready. and if you are both in a LTR , why not make it official? :smileywink:


How will the baby be supported? Will you both work? Will just he work while you spend time being a stay at home mom? Will his income be enough? Will both of your incomes be enough?

I know its not a glamorous thing to think about, but it will definitely make things easier if you plan ahead and figure these things out while you still have the choice to change your mind, rather than scrambling trying to put it together BEFORE a baby arrives.

I made sure DH did all of this when he first asked for a baby. I am taking 15 months off work, and its still been a struggle. its a struggle to watch him work 60+ hours a week and always sore and tired, and its a struggle financially. We are able to do it, provide everything for her (especially since I breastfeed!) but still a struggle.


I hope this helps you!

and if you guys would like to join the boards, we will see you there :smileyhappy:

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Re: young and trying to conceive

Brie makes several very good points for  you to think about. I wasn't ttc with my first child and I found out that i was PG about 3 weeks after I graduated high school. I was only 19 and my son's father was younger than me and he walked out on me shortly afterwards. So when all of my friends were going of to college and parties I was stuck at home with a new baby. It was life altering and crazy. I was lucky enough to have parents to help out with child care while I went to work. Life has not been easy but we have made it. I am married now and have 2 wonderful boys and ttc. But you really need to think about all of this before ttc. Good luck with ur decision and I hope that you make the choice that's best for you and your partner. 



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Re: young and trying to conceive

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A pregnancy begins with conception. A child is conceived when the male sperm successfully fertilizes the female egg. Successful fertilization is most likely during a 24-hour period following the LH surge. Since this window is only open once a month and for a short period of time, being able to predict the L.H surge is very helpful when trying to conceive An ovulation calendar can be used to track your menstrual cycle.


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