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smelling everything?

well i am a mother of a 9yr old daughter. so i do have 1 child. anyways.. if i am pregnant i would only be 2 weeks along.. i dont know what else would cause these symptoms.. the other night my fiancee was washing dishes and i was in a totally different room and i could smell the soap sooooo strong and it was smelling so bad..i had to put my shirt up over my nose. and then he came into the room i was in and was eating crispix cereal and i could smell the grains of the cereal and that with the soap smell gave me a headache.. and last night while in bed I could smell his deodarant or body wash he used on his skin.. and he said he didn't put any deodarant i remember with my daughter i could smell stuff like that so its the only thing i can think i reading into this all to much? i do have tender so tired but it might be from stress or working alot.... ugh

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Re: smelling everything?

You never know. I remember wanting to be pregnant so bad that my mind played tricks on me and I thought everything was a "sign"


A simple home pregnancy test can put your mind at rest:smileyhappy:



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Re: smelling everything?

I smelled everything when I was pregnant too. But my mind played tricks on me when I thought I was pregnant and I wasn't.


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