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should i retest ????????//

I only bled for one day  and it wasn't even heavy if anything like a light/mediumish flow.. I didn't need a tampon. Then the next two days only spotting red, light redish brown, to pinkish stuff mainly smears on the tp when I wipe, sometimes spotting on pad the size of a dime sometimes not even that.last time I wiped I only had like a faint brown color on the tp.. hardly anything thou. Now I got nothing. looks likes its gone now.

But my breasts are still sore.. comes and goes but lastnight omg  I was tempted to ice them lol. it was like " omg someone put the fire out " lol.  They hurt so dang bad. Right now its not AS Bad but still very sore. not too sore when I touch them thou.they look and seem a little bigger as well.

I've been very sick to my stomach sense I woke up this smorning, still am even after eating.

extra emotional.
kinda moody tooo.
took a test today 11/28 and it was said " Not pregnant " ...  should I retest if so when ????

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Re: should i retest ????????//

Most certainly but I would test in a couple of weeks and if that's negative then again like right before your next period is due. Some people it can take more then a missed period to get a positive one. My sister was 3 months and still had negative pregnancy tests with all 3 of her kids. She has to take blood tests to tell if she's pregnant. Good luck!
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