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irregular period cycle!! help please

Hi! My Name is Paola, I just turned 24 years old.
I'm trying to concieve, but my problem is that I have an irregular period cycle.
I used to use the ring before for like 5 months and when I Used it I have a perfecr 28days cycle. But now I am not using it I am so irregular and before I started using the ring I also was irregular. Somtimes is every 30 days sometimes 32 or 35 days.
So its soo difficult to say when exactly I'm ovulating!
I went to the doctor to ask her for the pills, cause I heard they might change my cycle and I might be regular.
I dont know if its a good idea to use the pills for like 3 or 4 months and try to concieve right after that.
With the pills my period might be regular and I will know when I am going to be ovulating.
I want to try on September and October to have a baby so I have time to plan exactly what I can do.
Please help me.
Thank you
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Re: irregular period cycle!! help please

Forgot to mention that I have record of my periods for like 2 years. And last year on October I tried to get pregnant with the help of my calendar; I tried the day it said I was ovulating and Nothing happened. I tried the same in January 2014 and NOTHING.
I so tried the ovulation kit. And it did not mark the same day as my calendar. So I'm not sure what Can I do to get pregnant if my period is SO IRREGULAR!
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Re: irregular period cycle!! help please

The first thing to do is to make sure your doctor knows that you are trying to conceive. The second, pay no attention to the calendar, have sex every other day. I know, sounds like a lot, but sometimes thats what it takes to hit the magic moment :smileyhappy:



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Re: irregular period cycle!! help please

Hi, I think Tammy is right. You should let your doctor know you're TTC that way they can help you with a plan. I had irregular cycles after going off BCP's. You can also try tracking your temperature to try and pinpoint when or if you are actually ovulating. Fertility Friend is a great free website that helps keep track and teaches you what to do. 


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