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inplantation bleeding or off period ?????

I had my mirena IUD taken out oct 21st 2013.. and my boyfriend and I had
unprotected sex from November 2 - the 18th of November. Came in me 15xs.

I thought I may be pregnant until the 24th of November, my foster sis
kicked me in the stomach and I freaked out to point and I hope this isn't too
much info but it may help with my question.. I checked my area with my finger to
see if I was bleeding. She didn't kick me wicked hard but I panicked and checked
anyway. I noticed I had like a light pink colored creamy type of CM on my
finger. It went from, that to redish brown to brown. It was like that from 10am
that day and then it stopped.

Then around 12am the next day 11/25 I went
to the bathroom and a small dark red blood clot came out along with red bleeding
it was like that for a while.. I believe it was every few hours ( 3 hrs maybe 4
didn't really keep track ) I'd expel red blood. Off and on kind of like a
medium/lightish period. I did notice toward the end of the day it kind of seemed
like more hours would go before I would even expel more blood.

today is now the 26th I hadn't been feeling well the last 2 days. Been kind of
dizzy feeling, and sick to my stomach, my breasts even hurt some they don't hurt
today. But they hurt like hell yesterday. And I have had some stomach cramps
today nothing severe thou.

BUT I woke up around 3:30ishpm and when I
finally got up to pee I think I expel a little bit of blood. But now around
5:16pm I went to the bathroom again and I noticed I didn't expel any Blood in
fact when I wiped I saw some pinkish smears on the tp. Have not had anymore red
blood sense 3:30pm ita now 7:45pm. Still having a feeling like I'm about to
bleed again but still no bleed...
Until 7:55pm I spotted like 2-3 drops of
red blood. Then nothing.
Then again same thing around 8:55pm. Just spottng
thou. Not even enough to turn the toilet water any color.

I'm just
wondering what are the chances of me being pregnant?
I have read a lot of
stories about people having what seems like a period then turn out to be

This is also my first bleeding sense Having the mirena out as

If there is a chance of pregnancy I'm just curious when should I
take a test just to check and see..?

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Re: inplantation bleeding or off period ?????

Right before your next period or even after if you do have a period because some woman still bleed through their whole pregnancy. Good luck!
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