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feeling hopeful?

last month I fell preg I was stoked then a few days later had a miscarriage, I had a feeling something wasnt right but it still was incredibly hard, against friends advice havent been using birth control im hoping I will fall preg, I am so scared that it wont happen everything else in my life is going good, Im with my dream man, have others fallen preg straight after a miscarriage?Im 32 so dont want to muck around, I have 2 other kids who I fell pregnant with literally straight away, Im just terrified cause I want this so bad and finally life is sorted enough to make plans!

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Re: feeling hopeful?

Miscarriages are just a natural part of life. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe to try and become pregnant again. Usually they have you wait one to three cycles depending on the situation.


I was 30 when I started trying to have children and didn't end up having my first until I was 36.


Best Wishes and keep us posted:smileyhappy:



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