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am I pregnant

Hey everyone. So I have the paraguard iud for a year already. my period been 28 days apart for a whole year. My period always lasts 7 days. On july 7 my period started and ended july 15th. Then on july 22 or 23rd in the evening all of a sudden I felt something leaking so I looked and I sported red/brownish. Then it was gone in couple I figured I was ovulating. And then like on at the end of july I started cramping some days. And I expected my period to arrive on August 4th or 5th. I still didnt get my period. Today is the 7th. The only weird thing happened yesterday at 11pm was that I spotted tiny bit. And I thought maybe my period started and will continue today but nothing today. Please give me some advice. Maybe this is normal with paraguard iud. I also cramping, low back dull pain, sore breasts and my boobs are way heavier,little bigger and they seem to be lifted more.
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Re: am I pregnant

I don't have experience with Paraguard so I'm not much help. Have you tried just taking a pregnancy test to see what it says?
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Re: am I pregnant

If you have not taken a pregnancy test then I would take one. I am going through the wonder if I am or not as well. But I had a period. It was just not even close to a normal one. Good luck!


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