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Trying to conceive after depo provera pills & finding out when I ovulate

About a year & half ago I missed 3 cycles I thought I was pregnant went in to DR. test came back negative. DR thought maybe its just stress wanted to prescribe me BC I declined so finally I started and bleed consistently for five months went back In said I was just having break through bleeding so he checked my iron/hemoglobin levels were low so he prescribed me some depo provera pills to stop bleeding then count so many days and take more pills to start then more pills to stop then prescribed me another form of BC didn't tell me side effects of anything went in the DR weighing 160 1 & half year later 210 gained alot of weight stop talking BC didn't have a cycle for like 7 months only spotting like 10 days out of each month until 3 months ago noticed more bleeding than normal. Maybe it's trying to get out my system?? Don't know when I ovulate.. I still spot every now and then.. Looking to have a bby within the next 2-3 years. Please help
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