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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)

I'll start a new board, and guess I'll be adding that BFP we've all suspected I had! Im in total shock still

♥ Brie ♥
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**Kasey.. 01/07/2003-12/24/2012. You were my heart, my soul, and my whole world, cancer may have taken you from me, but you'll never be forgotten. I have your pawprints forever on my heart.**
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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)

Congrats Brie! I knew it! I will look at the personal message soon. I have been so busy trying to learn all of Bryce's cries. I found out a solution for his gasiness. The wonderful nurse at the hospital showed me a trick. If you sit the baby up and support his chin and rock him back and forth it works the gas up and giant burps come out it has worked wonders!

Nicole: I have to find my coupon for the free pillow. I really need it.

I know I'm forgetting to respond to everyone. I have to get on the ipad tomorrow and get back to everyone.

We have been so busy getting appointments out of the way. And we were supposed to have Bryce circumcised today but the dr never scheduled him so we left. And now my dr is mad at me for it and calling to reschedule. I really don't like my dr. I hope the 2 week check up is my last one with her. I have to go babies crying
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