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So frustrated I'm about to lose my mind

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years now. I have had multiple miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies. I AM ONLY 24 #*&$^(@ YEARS OLD!!! How can this be happening to me?! It is so frustrating. I just want that little baby I see in my dreams every night. How can I cope with this. My fertility doctor is starting me on Clomid if I don't get pregnant by christmas. What can I expect? 

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Re: So frustrated I'm about to lose my mind

I'm sorry trying for a baby has been so hard for you and your husband! I would highly recommend looking at the September board thread - a lot of other moms to be post daily about what's going on with their journey. They're very supportive and they may have some information on Clomid.


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Re: So frustrated I'm about to lose my mind

I'm so sorry.  I know you must be super frustrated.  I'm glad you are seeing a fertility doctor.  Regardless of age, unfortunately many women experience similar problems.  However, many also go on to have healthy babies!  I agree with the above post, visit the September board and talk to the ladies on there.  They are awesome and super helpful!  HUGS!

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Re: So frustrated I'm about to lose my mind

sorry to hear that. I had 5 miscarriages & had been going to a fertility clinic for over a year & all they could do was presctibe progesterone & low dose aspirin & tell me to keep trying. I went to a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, generally they are also accupuncturists, he had hundreds of women coming in being told they would never have a baby by western doctors. he does fertility accupuncture to allow blood flow to your uterus & align your energy. after 2 sessions I was pregnant on my following ovulation & I am now 8 months pregnant without any complications. my doctor says its the perfect pregnancy. I'm 36 and had been trying for several frustrating years. be open minded to alternatives& good luck.
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