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Re: September Board

Tara: No luck on sleep. But I did get some sleep through the night without the dh home so I think I'm gunna be having no naps and just trying to sleep through the day.

Simone: That story was funny. I don't know if no morning sickness is a good thing or not. Everyone I work with is telling me its a girl because I don't have it then some say its a boy because I don't have it

Alex: Nice to meet you! Sorry for your situation. I don't know how clomid works. Some of the ladies on here know and will help you but we will all be a support system for you these ladies are great!!

Afm: The new slow paced job is nice. I don't have access to the system yet so I don't really know the paper work side of it. We have tests every hour and an hour and a half lunch. So I am loving the new job. I don't really see the people I worked with and that made the threat. I'm great full for that. I get to see the dh before he goes to work and relax for a little bit. I think I'm catching the head cold that's going around my job though so I'm calling the dr tomorrow and telling them I need to be seen to make sure. Uh oh gotta go phones ringing and dogs gotta go out.

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Re: September Board

Alix I didn't have it with Lennox, but had it here and there with my older 2 and all day every day with my twins so you just never know. 


Welcome Alix!

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Re: September Board

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Simone: I was starting to think it was the vitamins but I feel fine today. Still feel weird like i did this morning when I woke up and I can't get comfortable to fall asleep. I think I need to put in a movie that always knocks me out.

I did the old wives tale of tying my wedding ring to a string and putting it over my stomach to see how it moved. It kept going in a circle. It didn't move side to side. It said the circle meant a boy and the side to side meant a girl. I was just curious. I'm going to do it again when we find out what were having in November. We might find out sooner than that. Dh has to go to Minot again for a week for the next appt and I don't know when they will reschedule me for.

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Re: September Board

Alexx: welcome! Tara can help you with the side effects and what to expect on clomid. She is familiar with it. PCOS does make TTC very difficult, my sister has it.


Alix: I did the chinese chart ( has the test) for Layla, I got girl 3 times. Lol. it was right :smileyhappy: Do you take your prenatals at night or morning? during the day they can make you sick, but at night they dont.


afm- nothing new. my neighbors got the boot and the apartment is already subleased. a girl with a 14 month old baby, her and layla were playing HOPEFULLY.. i'll have some peace and quiet!

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Re: September Board

Hey ladies!  It's been busy busy... we had a three day holiday (New Year + Shabbat) last week, this week's Shabbat (Saturday) is the Day of Atonement, and then we have Sukkot.  Whew!

School started, we moved...basically not much time to do anything! 

How are you all doing?  I guess to know that I will have to read the end of August through till now, huh?

I think I have a flu..

Ah, and we are filling out adoption papers.  We spoke about adopting (we were hoping 3-4 kids in addition to our 10 biological kids) while we were dating and with the big age gap we were saying it's a shame we don't have an adoptive kid to fill it (I was for adopting no matter what age, DH was always saying we should fill gaps so each kid will have their own place).  So I printed the forms, we are filling them out, and we will see what happens.  It can take a long time + babies under 2 usually go to childless couples, so we would probably get an older kid when it happens.  No problem except I want Shimon to stay the eldest - it's his right and it would also look funny for a couple married 4 years to have a 5 year old.  Again, we will see.  I am really excited, though. :smileyhappy:

Did I tell you that I went to a fertility doctor who specializes in high FSH?  So he gave me progesterone+E2+FSH+LH and also AMH - apparently AMH has to be done privately so I have to go back and get another referral for it.  I did it on CD4 - FSH was 11.17 (down from 2 months ago - CD3 11.88), everything else was up - progesterone slightly, E2 almost doubled, LH don't remember.. dunno, I figure the doctor will and maybe it makes sense because it was CD4 and not CD3.  At any rate, I haven't O'd since those tests (CD19 now) so what-ever.  I have another appointment on the 8th of October.  Hopefully I'll be pregnant by then.  Wondering if I O'd this cycle (my temp was so high today that DH and I were going to just discard it, but I figure we'll see what happens tomorrow - could be because I'm sick and could be because we moved and my "high" temps are now my pre-O temps, only time will tell I guess) and if I'm going to O.  Kind of hoping for twins but starting a new job + possible bedrest = bad, so I'll just pray for one healthy baby and another surprise a year or so later.


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Re: September Board

Alexx- Welcome to the group! Sorry to hear you've had such difficulties TTC. My DH and I have been TTC for 4 years in January although we have no diagnosis unless maybe some sort of ovulatoty disorder. I've taken clomid many many many times. Everyone is a little different with how it effects them. For me I get hotflashes which are uncomfortable, but manageable. Have they talked about maybe trying you on Metformin for your PCOS? That is a pretty common medication to treat with as well as clomid. A friend of mine has PCOS and got pregnant doing that. Hope that helps. 


Brie- Finally, I'm glad they did something about those neighbors that were causing such issues! How great that Layla will have a new buddy close by. 


Alix- Glad your new job is going well! The doctor won't be able to do anything for you is you have a head cold which is viral unless the symptoms go on for too long. Drink lots of water and try t get some rest! Hope you feel better soon!


Isra- HI! Seems like it's been forever. You've been busy! Your temp didn't dip too far. I wonder what it'll look like a few days from now. I'm glad that your doctor is taking your struggles seriously and checking different levels. How exciting at the prospects of adopting. Hopefully everything will work out smoothly for you guys. Boy, that's a lot of kiddos! Very courageous. 


AFM- Been having vivid dreams again and the hotflashes are letting up some, so I think that I might be getting close to Oing. Temp was way way down today although I woke really early and had gotten up to the bathroom when I took it. 

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Re: September Board

Thanks for all the warm welcomes. So how many kids does everyone have? 


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