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Period symptoms, or pregnancy symptoms?

So according to a pregnancy calender if I'm pregnant I am about 3 weeks pregnant. I hope I am! Here's a little history (I dont know all the abbreviations yet). I began my period on Oct. 14th and It ended on the 19th and I began using the clearblue 20 count ovulation test this day. I tested everyday till the 29th when I got a smiley face. We were having sex every other day, sometimes every day up to this day but we also had sex the 29th and 30th but not the 31st. Some of my symptoms right now are, extreme tiredness, fatigue, cramping, and nausea especially if I haven't eaten yet. I am constantly going to the restroom and at least twice in the middle of the night and a really weird one is recently water tastes disgusting almost like I'm drinking pennies, but my husband says it tastes the same. I'm not sure if these are pregnancy signs or period signs. I was on birth control until I finished the pack last month before my period so I'm not exactly sure what I feel like before my period. I took 2 pregnancy test on November 7th (knowing it may still be early) and they were both negative.

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Re: Period symptoms, or pregnancy symptoms?

It's definitely possible you are pregnant!  I will also throw out there that there have been times when I've thought I was pregnant and having symptoms but wasn't.  My body was playing tricks on me.  But, I do hope yours are actual symptoms!  Any updates since your post?

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