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New baby?

Hello, all. My husband and I concidering having our second child. My first child will be three in January. We have not started yet because I have the implanon in my arm. I am having it removed on the 15th of September. Our family is very excited because we have told some of the closes members we were thinking of baby number two. The only thing I am worried about is being unable to concieve. I know it sounds silly. I'm twenty-four and I don't expect any issues but I have had the implanon in my arm for about two years and I am worried about my fertity. Also my husband had a hernia surgrey about a year ago. The surgon told me everything went wonderfully in the OR but I am just paranoid. What if something happened? I don't know how I will handle maybe not being able to get pregnant. Thank you for you advice, ladies.


Worrying momma, wanting baby number two.

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Re: New baby?

Try not to worry! Your doctor would have let you know if your husband's surgery or your birth control implant would cause fertility complications. And being relaxed is supposed to help the process along :smileyhappy:


Take a look at our September board - the moms and moms-to-be there are super friendly and knowledgeable.


Good luck trying for baby #2!


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