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July Board

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Name              Test date                        Result                          EDD :          

Simone          07/






Expecting        EDD                             GENDER:     


Tara                   08/30/2014                     TEAM PINK:


Gina                   08/10/2014                     TEAM BLUE




Jessie              12/2014


Born:                                                                                Current Age:

Alix- Baby Bryce 03/28/2014                                       3 Months


Christine--Baby Jordyn 7/2/2013                              1 year


Haley --Baby Amelia 07/14/2013                                12 months


Nicole--Baby Lucas 6/29/2013                                   1 year


Gina--- Baby Lucas 5/18/13                                       1 year, 1 month


Amanda---  Halle 10/1/2012                              1 year, 9 Months


Brie--- Layla Rose 10/14/2012                          1 year, 9 months


Autumn--- Ryleigh 02/08/2013                         1 Year, 7 Months 


Amy---       Georgia 6/2/2014                                          0 Months

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Re: July Board

Pinned at the top for you :smileywink:

~ Christine ~
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Re: July Board

Happy July Ladies!


I made it to 34 weeks!  My MIL left so I am on my own when my dh is at work.  I have had a few bad days but overall baby is staying put. 

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Re: July Board

Gina- Congrats on making it to 34 weeks! That's great! 3 more weeks to hang in there. Hope baby agrees on that. We're getting there. 


AFM- Got a pedicure today which was really nice. Two more nights of work and then I'll be off for a little while. We have another celebration of life for DH's other grandfather we are roadtriping to next week. 

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Re: July Board

Gina glad you have kept him cooking! 


AFM AF showed on the 30th, which is good for me Oing on cd11, FF never said I did O then, but on cd14 which made my lp only 9 days. If I get pregnant going by lmp I will be due on my twins 9th birthday April 6th, 2015. Not sure if I like that as Trent is also an April baby. If I do test the earliest would be July 23rd. 


Oh regaurding Ty now they want a corporate person handling him unless we put him in a group home and then I will get guardinship. What minipulative a holes is the county government. Nevermind the child almost adult that is slipping through the cracks and could use the spot to stay. Ty has a bedroom and such here and has always been well taken care of. As a kid we are told to ask for help and trust people. I don't trust anyone. Yesterday after the meeting Chad said to his mom Simone has been right about everything. She has been saying Ty wouldn't be alowwed back home and saying that they want Ty in a group home. I told him I hate being right, but maybe I should pick some lottery numbers because they would be right as well. 

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Re: July Board

CONGRATS!!! on making it to 34 weeks!!


Simone, good luck on trying to help Ty out. I know how frustrating it is for someone to get lost in the racks of the system. I hope you can figure something out better for him than a group home.


AFM- I am still working and 18 weeks. Still trying to get my records forwarded to my new doctor so I an get an appointment made. Other than that I am just working my bum off... I also seem to be taking more naps now... just about every single day now. If I don't I find myself in bed by 7:30pm which just makes me feel really old. lol! Still not showing but all my pants/shorts are starting to get really snug so I am sure it wont be long before I start showing. This may be TMI but I have noticed that my nipples have gotten a lot more sensitive and one side seems to tingle more than the other. My mom said that is perfectly normal but I am not liking it one bit. lol! Hope everyone is doing well!



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Re: July Board

Simone- Sorry about AF. Sending you positive thoughts for Ty!


Jessie- Congrats on 18 weeks! Hope you can get your new appt scheduled soon and yor anatomy scan! Do you plan on finding out gender? Sounds like you've got a plate full on top of being pregnancy tired. I think it was around 18 weeks that I started popping out. I know by 20 I had a small bump. Everyone is different though. Your Mom is right about the tingling and sensitive nipples...normal breast changes, prepping for breastfeeding. You're almost half way there!


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