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Re: January Board!

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Tara: Yah, one of the pathologists has the flu now too, maybe even strep :smileysad: Gosh, your bum needs a break! GL with your US today, what time is your appt?


Alexx: What has happened since Mon? Spotting? Temp still up? That dip you had on the 1st could've been implantation (?)


Love and ((HUGS)) Ladies ♥

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Re: January Board!

Nicole- Oooh, not the flu! No fun. The ARNP gave me a dose so I can get started on the new progesterone and hopefully the stuff I get today will be good so I can use it next week. 


Got back from our US just a little bit ago. Everything was good. Measuring exactly to date today at 6wk5d. Heartbeat was 138! We are super excited and so glad at the continued progess. 

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Re: January Board!

Tara - So glad you had a good US! I was thinking about you all day! I haven't been able to keep up much you Ladies but hope all is well! AFM - Lucas was diagnosed with the rare disease mastocytosis. His body produces too many mast cells and when triggered they release histamine in his body causing an allergic reaction. His triggers are crying, food and cold. There is no known cause or cure so we are scrambling to find a doctor who can help us. There are not too many doctors that know much about it and the one that is 4 hrs away doesn't take our insurance. At this point we need to find out if his is systemic affecting his organs and get an epi-pen in case he has a bad reaction. He has many GI issues that make me believe he is. My girls are doing good! Getting too big though!
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Re: January Board!

Hello ladies!

Sorry for not being on here lately. My dh took the iPad and I've been too busy to use the laptop.

Tara: yay on the ultrasound. Glad that spotting wasn't anything bad!!

I will try and keep up on here more. I put in my paperwork for permanent discharge from the AF when Bryce is born. So April 18th will be my last official day in the AF. I'm excited and scared at the same time. My I laws will beer Saturday as well. So I've been trying to keep the house clean and it's not working. Cleaning a 2 story house by yourself is tough! Uh oh gotta go. Dogs just had an accident
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Re: January Board!

So, I am not pregnant. AF has come in slowly but surely. I haven't been updating my ovulation chart. I should though...I will start Clomid again NEXT cycle because this cycle was so dodgy that I can't really track my 5th day very well.

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Re: January Board!

Gina- I'm sorry to hear that. I can only imagine what a tough situation that is. I hope that you're able to find a doctor that will be able to come up with a plan and provide some comfort. How frustrating that the one doc isn't covered by your insurance. Sending Lucas prayers for his health and to your family! 


Alix- Was wondering how you've been faring. That's exciting about taking your discharge although I can see how it would be nerve wracking, too. I have a hard time staying on top of our cleaning, too. We also live in a two story house and it seems pretty constant that there is always something that needs to me tended to. 


Alexx- Sorry about AF that is a major bummer. Hopefully there is someway they can get your cycles regulated. It's really hard to have things so much up in the air. It doesn't sound like you O'd with your dose of clomid you were on so maybe they can bump up your dose. Sounds like you would benefit from US's during clomid to see exactly how your ovaries are responding to it. 

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Re: January Board!

Alexx- The ultrasounds Tara is talking about were very beneficial.  One of the rounds I was on it I couldn't get in for the ultrasound and they did some other blood test to check how it was working.  You might want to see if your doctors can monitor you a little more.  I don't recall if you have lots of doctor options where you live, but it might be time to look for a new one if you can.


Alix- I was just thinking about you and hoping you were doing well.  How is the swelling going?  Probably a good call to get discharged, it doesn't sound like the best fit with family life.


Tara- Do you have pictures from this ultrasound?


Nicole- Glad you are feeling better... hope all those icky bugs leave you alone.


Gina- I hope that you are able to get some answers.  Insurance sucks like that.  Hope you can find someone to help soon.


AFM- 16 week appt went well.  Heart rate was 145... Nathans was 144 at this time, so pretty much the same.  I had a dream I was having a girl the other day.  But who knows.  With all the other crazy dreams I've been having I certainly won't take anything I dream as a sign.  If I did then some of my family members are going to get trapped in a different dimention while out hiking and avoiding a wildfire (and that was the tame part of the dream, I don't want to sound TOO crazy)  My next appointment (with my 20 week ultrasound) is Feb. 5th! :smileyvery-happy:  I did get into the PT earlier this week. My left side of my pelvis was out and is very unstable.  Sadly the right side was also out a little and unstable as well.  So this time both sides are out.  I bought the body suit but he said I don't need to wear it quite yet.  Go back there in 2 weeks.  Have another counselor appointment next week.  So thankful that my counselor got approved for my insurance network.  Just knowing I COULD go to her helped my anxiety.  I try so hard not to let things get me all anxious... sadly I can't always stop it.  But I'm far better then I was last go round.

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