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Re: January Board!

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Hi ladies.  

It is so good to see you all again.

I have a good excuse for not posting - my job is keeping me super-busy, I am taking an online course, and I am helping my friend finish her degree.  In addition to everything else, of course.

Nicole, glad you are back to regular posting.  I missed you those last few months (when I myself was posting semi-regularly).  

Tara, good to see you're still pregnant and it's going well.  Hopefully it will continue. :smileyhappy:
Alix, I see you're having a boy, congrats!

Brie, for someone who is trying to avoid, you have been pretty lax about your temps.  I say just go for it and your DH will get used to the idea. :smileyvery-happy:

Haven't seen Simone on this thread, does she still post?

Also see a few new users. :smileyhappy:


I am supposed to test Tuesday but I am really curious.  Nauseous, and I pooped three times today with really loose stools.  The whole week, except yesterday, I have had really loose stools and honestly, according to my diet, it should be the opposite.

Plus, my temp spiked to a previously unknown temp - 37.33 - today.  I've never had anything above 37.2.  And two days ago it was 37.26.  But I'm trying to remember that a lot of months I have a spike just before it starts to fall - and usually it keeps falling till AF.  So I'm steeling myself...


Really tired but today less so.  On the other hand, I DID take a nap today so maybe that's why.

I guess I will continue to drive myself nuts, huh?


DS is singing "Wheels on the Bus" with [wrong] motions and it's really cute.  DH is going to be back late and I'm really bummed.

I had to clean poopy underwear and it was gross.  Plus, it was sooo smeared that it took a longer time than usual to clean.  I think there's another poop in the diaper.  Should probably change it and get him in bed (he's in pajamas - pajamas and diapers go together now).

Wondering when he'll have a sibling - most people who had a baby with me already have two and some are waiting for #3. :smileysad:

Oh, well.

I guess (hope) my turn will come.  Seriously, after this long wait, I'd be happy with a baby every year for two or three years.  DH doesn't agree but I guess we'll see what happens.  He'd rather have twins.  I'd rather two singletons a year apart.  Twins after a miscarriage sounds really scary.  Plus, with a 3.5 year break between if we have twins I'll have tons of people asking if they're from IVF.  No, thanks.  Singleton and then another one a year later.  It'll raise my fertility-self-esteem.


Sigh.  Hopefully one day I'll stop dreaming.

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Re: January Board!

Tara: I agree, thank you! Chris is super nervous about the whole idea of another one after the LEEP results, and he thinks they should be doing another pap sooner.. lol. I'm all "OH HECK NO.." but Its so nice to see them so concerned because they love you :smileyhappy: Turk seems to be doing ok on this medicine, so thats good so far.. I know his never ending bathroom trips are about to drive me nuts though lol.


Nicole: JD is 15, so he and Layla have a whole 14 year difference. He loves his sister, but theres such a gap that they wont be super close until probably later on, especially since he lives 5 hours away as well. (his choice..we don't live "where his friends are" and we feel its better we stay here with DH's good job) OMG your DH does the "I am your father" stuff too? *face palm*... thats all I have to say about that.. LOL. Chris will still do that to Layla!


Amy: Your body doesnt take to pregnancy too well, does it? I feel so bad for you. It was fun being pregnant (some of the time... i made sure to record the times I thought i was dying due to ligament pain to remind myself it was not all fun and rose petals. lol), but I am the same way you body isn't made for all that!  PLUS, because my labor went so hard and fast with Layla, they told me as soon as my water breaks with a second one, I need to already be on my way to the hospital. Um..what? Add high risk to that and now i'm really nervous about the idea. But it is sure a special time!


Isra: I haven't been temping for months now because I started birth control in October. I took the "layla's over a year old, if it dries it up or it drops now, its ok".. I went on to breastfeed with no issues til December, right before the surgery.( They found i had stage zero cervical cancer (CIN3) 3 weeks after they found precancerous cells.  i had a LEEP done right before christmas and am ok now). I'm still taking my BCP religiously. I use FF still to track when my period is due and BDing sessions though just in case something happens (ya know that failure rate of .05 % WOULD happen to me , so i keep track of that still).. but definitely NOT TTC right now.. too much risk until I have my first pap post leep. and too much to do school wise. We may begin TTC after my pap in May depending on results and how we feel about the idea. I graduate in July so if we TTC and it takes a month or two again, I'll be able to finish with no issues in school, which is my whole point for taking my pills religiously! I do not want to be huge walking down to get my diploma!

♥ Brie ♥
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Re: January Board!

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Isra: It's wonderful to see you posting too :smileyhappy: Your temps are looking good for 10DPO, that little dip on 6DPO could've been implantation, and your symptoms sound promising too! Potty training accidents are frustruating, but he still has time to get it down. Aaron was 3 and you're almost there :smileyhappy: I have to say there are some good advantages that he's older and more self-sufficient since Lucas arrived :smileywink: I've got my FX'd for you hun ♥

Brie: It does stink that he lives so far away, but I think Layla will always be able to look up to JD despite the distance :smileyhappy: Oh yes, he does it all the time! It can be so cute and drives me crazy at the same time :smileytongue: Aaron loves Angry Birds Star Wars, my boys (including Jeff) are all Jedis I guess :smileywink:

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Re: January Board!

 Hi my name is Tracy. Unfortunately my test last month was negative. They have upped my Femara and we are hoping for a positive the last week of January :smileyhappy: 


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