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January Board!

Name              Test date                        Result                            EDD :          













Alexx            1//2014




Expecting        EDD                             GENDER:     

 Heather-          12/17/13


Vicki-                 04/18/2014


Alix-                  04/18/2014                    Team BLUE: Bryce


Amy-                 06/2014


Tara                   08/30/2014


Born:                                                                                Current Age:

Christine--Baby Jordyn 7/2/2013                               6 Months


Nicole--Baby Lucas 6/29/2013                                   6 Months


Gina--- Baby Lucas 5/18/13                                        7 Months


Amanda--- Baby Halle 10/1/2012                              14 Months


Brie---Baby Layla Rose 10/14/2012                          14 Months


Autumn---Baby Ryleigh 02/17/2013                        10 months


Haley --Baby Amelia 07/14/2013                                6 months


Teri-Baby ??


Amber- Baby ???


Heather- Baby ??? 12/2013


♥ Brie ♥
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Re: January Board!



So, for my new year, spotting. Think AF is coming...FINALLY!!! At least something is happening...

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Re: January Board!

Hi Ladies,

Happy New Year!

Lucas cut his first tooth yesterday :smileyhappy:
It's snowing like crazy here!

Tara: I read your last post in Dec (last year)...I'm so glad that you're going to have a new weekly P :smileyhappy: Daily injections are so tough, I'm really surprised they didn't just prescribe the suppositories. Oh boy, your US is a week away!

Brie: Thanks for starting the January board love :smileyhappy:

Alexx: Is it just spotting or do you really think it's AF coming? Hmm, it's been like a week since you stopped the Provera, and your temp is still up there. Keep us posted!

Love and ((HUGS)) to you all ♥

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Re: January Board!

Alexx- I suppose that is better than nothing although I'm sorry it didn't pan out. Hugs!


Nicole- A tooth already? What a big boy! We had one little bout with snow here a few weeks back, but it was gone pretty quickly. Hope you can stay home and enjoy your kiddos in this weather. Yeah, I was hoping they would switch to the suppositories just because I am totally over being stuck. My butt has big knots from all the injections. I think the IMs are their preferred choice. 


Yep, one week from today is our US! Its's at the end of my stretch off, but I don't care about my days off flying by if I can get to see what's happening in there. Super hard to keep things mum at work about it because quite a few people knew we were doing IVF. News kinda spreads like wild fire there anyway. It would've been nice to keep it quieter. 

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Re: January Board!

Tara- That's always hard at work. You tell one person and before you know it everyone knows. Kinda frustrating the way that one works. One week! You're almost there. Can't wait to hear what's going on.

Nicole- Aww! A tooth already! Awesome.

Alexx- Your temps really are still way up there. If AF doesn't come rushing in I would totally see about getting a blood draw.

Brie- Thanks for making the board!

AFM- Happy New Year all. I'm not a huge fan of New Year myself. I don't quite get the point but I know lots of people seem to enjoy it. I've been having more of the lightheaded/dizzy/stress/anxiety/feel icky stuff going on, I don't even know what the problem is. I think part of it might be my stressing over feeling lightheaded, I dunno. Sending a message to my counselor I saw with Nathan, she's not in my insurance network now as it switched after I quite working, so we'll see how that goes. I had a massage yesterday and chiropractor today. Still not feeling fabulous though. Boo. :smileysad: I hate my brain sometimes.
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Re: January Board!

Amy- Hope you start feeling better. 


AFM- I've been feeling kinda crampy today. Just noticed a little bit of brown spotting again. Ahhh, This is a first since our test day. Really praying it's nothing. 

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Re: January Board!

Morning ladies. I've been on and off crampy most all the night. Sometimes worse sometimes just a little. Had more dark brown spotting this morning. I called our coordinator and left her a msg. I am worried that this is just like last time. Trying to remain calm. My good friend had her baby yesterday so we will go say hi to them today. It's been a wild ride that's for sure. 


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