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Re: I have been off birth control since May and still nothing.

I'm going through the same thing been off depo for about 8 months and finally getting periods to finally regulate hoping to conceive within the next 2-3 years getting married next year
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Re: I have been off birth control since May and still nothing.

Hello, I've been on the depo injection too, for over a year and a half, decided to come off it as me and my partner decided the time was right for us an we're not getting any younger. I decided to come off my injection October 2013, getting the injection was probably the worst thing I could have done to myself they don't go into much detail with you about the effects it has on your body when your coming off the injection. I got really sick after I stopped having it I thought I might be pregnant an maybe losing the baby because I had every sign of being pregnant...just no baby :smileysad: I've now started taken (trying for a baby SEVEN SEAS) it's really good for us woman who has had trouble trying to get pregnant!! I started taken the tablets and within 4 days my period started again!! This is the 2nd week I'm taken tbem I highly suggest for people trying for a baby to used them!! It speeds up you fertility. It's really hard to work out aswell when your next cycle is going to be because you haven't had a period in that long!!
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