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Getting stressed about ttc

My husband and I have been ttc for about 10 months now with no luck. For some back ground info on the situation....I have2 children from a previous relationship. I found out with my first pregnancy that I only have half of a uterus. The left side of my uterus never developed while i was developing. My husband has no children of his own. After my youngest son was born I had the mirena iud put in bc I was now a single mom of 2 boys and wasn't looking to get pregnant anytime soon. I then met my husband 8 months later and we were married a year later. In October of last year we decided that we wanted to start ttc so i had my iud removed and started tracking my cycles. After a few months of nothing happening my husband went and got tested and we found out that he had something called varicoucell veins in his left testical causing blood to pool up ontop of the testical ultimatly killing the sperm. Well he had surgery to correct it and the post op check ups have said that everything is fine now.....but still no pregnancy. Now his dr wants to go back and do more sperm counts. I know that we both have our own issues to overcome but we are both starting to get rather down. I'm still tracking my cycles and we are doing everything that we can....but it just seems to me like that every time i turn around one of my friends is getting pregnant now. I'm just starting to feel alone and that no one understands what I'm feeling or going through. I just don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

I'm so sorry that it's not as easy as you had hoped it would be. I had fertility issues as well and it took three years to get pregnant, when I finally got pregnant it led to several miscarriages. I'm not saying this for sympathy, I'm saying this to remind you that we all have struggles at times. We can't give up hope and we can't lose sight of what's important. I went on to have three healthy children.


Although you and hubby may be getting a little down, there is still hope and you still have so much to be grateful for. Try to take a more relaxed approach to baby making. Try to have fun with your husband and forget that you are trying to make a baby. Sometimes things happen when you least expect meeting your husband :smileyhappy:


Stick around here. I know that there are others who have felt like you do.


Best Wishes!


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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

Tammy is so correct!! The best things come unexpectedly..from husbands to babies!!


Just relax and try not to think of the issues and keep your head up. Alot of women i know gave up and then found they were expecting shortly after. Sometimes the stress and feeling like its "your fault" is really hampering relax and have fun :smileywink: Best of luck!!

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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

I understand how hard it can be to watch everyone around you become pregnant and have their children while you're struggling to conceive. I watched my 2 best friends (one had twins!) and my little brother all have children while my husband and I were ttc. It took us 13 months and I was going to make an appointment with my OBGYN once my period started, but it never came! My advise is to stay positive and have fun trying. Talk to your doctor and see if they have any advise for you. Keep your head up. I'm sure you will get positive results soon.
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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

Hang in there! Just remember there is a greater plan than you can control. My husband and I were told that we wouldn't be able to get pregnant without fertility treatment. So, we just decided if we did, great, otherwise, we'd wait until we were both finished with grad school to pursue fertility treatments. I ended up getting pregnant 2 years later while he was working on his PhD and I was a few weeks from having my masters. No fertility treatments needed and I was done with my degree in time to focus on our now 18 month old daughter. It will happen when the timing is right. Just remember God has His plan and sometimes we just have to be patient.

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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

Hang in there! I had a son from a previous marriage, and my husband and I started trying about a year after we got married. We conceived almost immediately, but unfortunately had a miscarriage. After trying unsuccessfully for about a year (charting temperature, taking clomid, etc...LOTS of stress), we decided to consult a dr about IVF. It was much more affordable and attainable than I ever would have imagined, and while it was still stressful, it was totally worth it. We now have two beautiful twin girls (which is a whole new kind of stress!). Good luck!
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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

mo2ttc- Try to hang in there. TTC for some of us can be amazingly tough for what seems to be simple for what feels like everyone else. My husband and I are going on 4 years of TTC and haven't really gotten many answers through all of our fertiltiy treatments. I was PG once and MC'd which was very unexpected and difficult. You should join us on the monthly board. There are some great women and it's really nice to have a sounding board or to vent. Best of luck to you on #3!


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