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Getting second child why difficult?

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Hi i'm SallyLoh. I've my first child who is 19 months old now- born March 2012 through

inducing although my baby not due yet and then, through ceacearean because he

passed-motion in my womb already. However, he is healthy when born, active and playful boy now. 


I conceived him around less than a month immediately after my marriage. Now, I'm

trying for the second child but it seems difficult because its has been 6 months plus.

My hubby is already 41 yrs old and i'm 37 now. Is it because of our age or other 

factors? We are not a smoker or drinker. We are of medium size. I seemed to conceive

very well for my first child but why not the second child now? Pls advise. If you are a doctor,

nurse or someone has the same problem, pls help. 


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Re: Getting second child why difficult?

It also took us 6 months to conceive our second kid. But most importantly, I think you need to relax more and don't stress with work. Remember to target your ovulation days. Good luck!

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Re: Getting second child why difficult?

hi Mumsafari, yeah i may be worrying and afraid that it may takes a longer time. Actually i can't wait because of my age. May i know when you conceived your second child, did you have intercourse at daytime or nightime? I got my first child because i've my intercourse at nightime so i thought my second child will be the same. Did you do the same or otherwise? Please share. Thanks. :smileyhappy:



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