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Re: February Board

Christine: I can't keep a full bladder. I'm in the bathroom every 10 min. Haha he likes his room. I have tons of water I keep 2 bottles next to me on the couch at all times. I feel like I can't get enough to drink. We hit 34 weeks on friday if I last that long I will be so great full!!

Tara: I didn't think I should call the dr when I see her first thing tomorrow morning. I have a list of things to ask her and she is at the hospital so if I have to be admitted we will be right there. I am having new symptoms. .well the same ones I was having on friday when I was admitted. Dizzy, not hungry, and contractions. The new symptoms are the bathroom breaks, the back pain and the headache that won't go away. I hope the dr gives us some good answers.

Simone: I'm sorry about af. I was hoping she had stayed away for you. Yay on Ty coming home!! I've missed a lot. The contractions I have weren't this bad til they started the mag drip in the hospital. Now i get one with every few steps and I can't even take care of the dogs..dh had to take time off work to see if I would be able to do this. It seems like these last few weeks are gunna be really hard.

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Re: February Board

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Alix- I sure hope your appt went well this morning! Has your blood pressure been okay? Keep us posted! We're all rooting for you!


Simone- Uggh, strep equals no fun. Sorry you're sick. I suppose AF starting is a good thing though if you're not PG.. might as well get strep and AF out of the way at the same time. Feel better soon!


AFM- Not sure if I mentioned that we have our anatomy scan scheduled for April 9th! I can hardly wait it seems so far off!

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Re: February Board

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Alix: So great to see you, love your bump pic :smileyhappy: I know what you're going through, every week you can get through is a blessing. Did they officially diagnose you with pre-ecclampsia. I was put on the Mag too. Are they closely monitoring your BP especially because you were on that. How about your protein with 24-hour urines? The bedrest thing, back and forth to and from the hospital is all too famililar. They will be watching your dilation too now that those contractions are showing that you're progressing. Diarrhea is normal sweetie, I had the same problem. And, the back pain. I'll be praying for you and your sweet baby boy ♥ ((BIG HUGS))

Simone: Oh no, not strep :smileysad: I hope they put you on a good strong antibiotic, feel better hun. Darn that AF :smileytongue: The countdown begins to Ty's coming home :smileyhappy:

Tara: I know, I'm so excited for you to find out! It will get here quickly, believe me :smileywink:


Oh I just saw we have a March board :smileyhappy:


Love and ((HUGS)) to you all ♥

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Re: February Board

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