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Endometriosis and trying to conceive

Hey Ladies, my name is Danielle and I am 26. In June I was diagnosed with Endometriosis (Endo), my husband and I were devastated due to the fact we want to expand our family. I have a daughter from my first marriage and she is 5 years old. The doctor scared me BIG TIME, he said that a lot of his patients with fertility issues have Endo. I am scheduled for laraposcopy soon, and my question is...
Does anyone else know about this surgery? Will it help with the pain and improve my fertility? If anyone can ease some of my stress, it would be a HUGE help!!!

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Re: Endometriosis and trying to conceive

Hi Danielle! Im 25 and I had endometriosis as well! I had the laparoscopy in 2008. The surgery is NOTHING to be scared of! Its minimally invasive. You will bleed (like a period) for a week afterwords, and as for pain wise post op, I was sore for 3 days, but not debilitatingly, just like i had done a bunch of stomach crunches a few days it was more like a muscle sore. I didnt even need the pain meds they gave me and I am nottttt good with pain! I had no cramps to very light slight cramps when AF came for about a year afterwords, and they were much more bareable as well as time progressed. I was 19 and still a virgin at the time of my surgery, so I can't say how quickly it affects fertility. I opted to stay on birth control to keep my cramps down and to prevent the endometriosis from returning, and in Sept. 08, I met the man who is now my husband. :smileyhappy:

In November 2011,  I finished my last pack of birth control and we begun to TTC, My ob and regular pcp told me to not worry about getting pregnant for at least a year, because thats the amount of time it can take for healthy couples. My daughter was concieved 4 days after my OB/GYN told me this statement..I had to call them two weeks later with a BFP. lol. I also saw a maternal fetal medicine doctor for prenatal testing, and he was floored at the fact that i had endo and concieved without any issues. however, I dont think he realized I had had the laparoscopy.


So once you have the laparoscopy, I would guess that endometriosis is no longer a hinderance to your fertility.. it took me 45 days to concieve my daughter. :smileyhappy: I hope that helps you out some to give you some hope and relief. Endometriosis is definitely NOT an issue once you have it removed. I highly recommend the laparoscopy be done though for your comfort in particular. chances are as well that you had it before your first daughter was born 5 years ago (which childbirth clears the endo out naturally as well) so it probably wasnt a hinderance. :smileyhappy: I really hope that helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to help answer

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