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Anyone charting to track ovulation?

I'm recently off the mirena after have baby #1. I don't want to be on birth control for a while so my body can normalize. Hubby and I aren't trying to conceive or prevent it. Kind of the "if it happens, it happens" I'm needing an opinion on when to test. My last cycle was 38 days counting from my mirena removal and the bleeding from that to the following month when my period started on June 19th. It's now July 22nd and still no period, so day 34. I don't have a normal cycle yet so I'm unsure if it would be too early or not. I have some pregnancy symptoms but most could be connected to period as well. Ergh! Any advice?
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Re: Anyone charting to track ovulation?

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Hi there, if you are at 38th day before you get your period better wait for that day. If you are late for about two weeks after the 38th and there is a possibility that you are pregnant. :-) I will also share with you a free site that I am using to calculate my ovulation so I can keep track. I hope this could help you too, good luck.
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Re: Anyone charting to track ovulation?

I use the Period Tracker app on my phone. I, like you, am not trying to prevent pregnancy or become pregnant. The app is really useful in tracking ovulation. IUD removal such as Mirena can definitely alter your cycle. I know it is probably bugging you, but the only way to find out for sure is to wait it out. I've had the best luck with First Response pregnancy tests. It doesn't hurt to take them once in awhile if you haven't menstruated. What was your period like before you had Mirena inserted?

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