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Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ in 8dpo today and all pregnancy symptoms I v Been experiencin since 3dpo disappered isn't
dat weird. can I still be expectin Bfp by dis wek wekend oct 6. My af wil be due on 7oct.I ovu on 23sept. And I v seen any implantain bleedn yet. Symptom com and go.
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Re: 8dpo

Hi Agnes!  I think the only way to really tell is to test.  I think there are some tests you can test up to 5 days before (with first morning urine) so maybe try that on 10/3 and see what it shows.  If you get a BFN then try again a few days later or the day you are due for your cycle.  I know the 2WW can be very stressful!  Just hang in there!  I'll KMFC for you!  (I'm not sure about the symptoms coming and going but maybe it has to do with hormone levels and your body adjusting to them??)  Keep us updated on the outcome!!

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Re: 8dpo

Hi there!  I agree, it's best to test with your first morning urine since it's the most concentrated.  Hang in there!

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