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Baby shower for second child?

I had 3 baby showers given for me when I was pregnant with my son.  I do have some things left from when he was a baby such as sleepers, onesies, blankets and a few baby gear items.  His crib was recalled so we will be buying a new one of those.  We will be finding out gender with this one so I can plan better as far as what we need.  My bff and Mom want to throw me a shower for this baby.  How do people feel about a shower for a second child?  Is it ok?

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Re: Baby shower for second child?

It's so sweet of your mom and bff to throw you a shower. The ultimate choice is up to you, but I'm all for showers for any new baby! If you don't want to have a full on shower, you could ask that they plan a low-key "sprinkle" - an event where it's more about gathering with friends and family (plus a few gifts) before you dive back into the newborn days. 


You could also have them host a "sip and see" after the birth so that guests can meet your new little one. Bonus: I threw one for a friend after she had baby #3 (and her first girl). She loved that it cut down on the number of visitors to her house in those first few weeks as she and her family were trying to get back into the rhythm of life with a newborn. And since people knew the gender and size of the baby she received a lot of great pink/purple/coral clothes to supplement the gender neutral items she already had.

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Re: Baby shower for second child?

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There are no rules. It's all up to you, and not anyone else to say whether another baby shower is ok or not. I'm sure there is no limit on the amount of gift cards and diapers you could use. : )  Enjoy your shower, and your new baby!

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Re: Baby shower for second child?

Personally if your family want to throw it than by all means let them throw you a party. My best friend wants to throw one big party but personally I don't want anything big. My first is almost 7 and I did keep a lot of her clothes and baby gear but I'm just want minimal gifts like diapers onesies and newborn stuff. I hear they call these parties sprinkle. I say low key is best and gifts would be up to the attenders which I can guarentee they will give u everything you will need and want. That's family for you.
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