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Anyone else exhausted?

How is everyone feeling?  I remember in my 1st trimesters I was so tired I felt like I could power nap at a red light!

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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

I'm close to 6months now and my energy is till up, thanks goodness. But I've been having REALLY bad heartburn. I've never had heartburn until about a couple of weeks ago and it sucks (not to mention the consitpation... probably too much info, lol). I've been taking tums but it hasn't helped all that much. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

I'm already so tired now, I can't imagine how bad it will be as the pregnancy progresses! At least with my son being my first, I could rest more. No rest now chasing after a 4 year old! At least I'm not big pregnancy in the heat of the summer like I was with my son. That was tough!
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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

I was feeling pretty exhausted until I started taking the progesterone. I feel like I have much more energy now, thankfully.

When was your son born, Katie? My youngest is an August baby. Enough said!!


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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

Although I do not have a child of my own, I nanny during the day time monday through saturday for a new born and a 2 year old. I also work nights as a nurse. After fueling my body with liquid cancer, aka redbull or draining my bank account at starucks on a daily basis, I felt my body deplete itself of proper nutrients. Exausted and latharigc, I realised that I was not my normal happy-energetic self.  Until a friend of mine handed me a can of verve, she gave the NEXT fomula to her kids becuase it is full of vitmains that her kids love. I now drink their coffee "mojoe" and in a single serving, I am fueled with 160 mg of caffeine, 65 plant sourced minerals, a daily serving of vitamins A-E and I am boosting my immune system-which is helpful to prevent myself, my patients, and the kids in my care from getting sick. For more info, you should check out her website. If you want to get it for free like I do, call the webite and she'll show you how! 

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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

I'm only 11 weeks and physically and emotionally drained on having complications with my second pregnancy worse ones than with my first pregnancy had to have surgery with this one had a cyst growing near my tubes causing me pain out of this world I'm supposed to be resting for sox weeks but how can I with a 5&3 yr old at home depending on me I need help my husband always works or is asleep we moved to Baytown far from any friends and family I'm alone and miserable
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Re: Anyone else exhausted?

9 weeks, 2days and completely exhausted! I think I could sleep all day if I let myself.
Around 1pm everyday I can barely function. I take a nap around 3-4, then to sleep at 10pm, up at 4am until 5/6am, and then asleep again until 8/9am.
Everyone keeps telling me 2nd tri is better... I cannot wait. I dont know that I have EVER been this tired in my life.

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