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Re: What symptoms are you having?

I am too! I am not even drinking sugary drinks. I am craving salt to badly!
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Re: What symptoms are you having?

My nausea has almost entirely subsided and my appetite is back in full force.  Boobs are feeling less sore and I am definitely showing at 15 weeks.  I had a coworker ask me this morning if I was having twins as she was staring at my belly.  Oy.  I am having a lot of congestion which does lead to a little nausea in the morning so I'm doing a saline sinus rinse in the steamy shower to help clear everything out.  My indegestion got bad and had been taking tums 1-2x per day until someone suggested Carrot Juice.  It has really helped!  I got Trader Joes brand Tropical Carrot Juice and it is delicious!  I'm not big on sugary drinks & juices, so I only have one small glass with dinner and it has really helped.

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