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Re: How will you tell family?

I actually gave my BF a warning .... we'd been 'unofficially' trying for about 8 months. And then I made him go to the pharmacy to get the test lol. He's so sweet. Then when it came back positive, I just walked out of the bathroom, and without a word handed it to him. I was pretty speechless. So was he, he immediately jumped up and went into a cleaning frenzy of our apartment! It was basically a "I don't know how to process this information so I'm going to clean everything" reaction. LOL


I have my first appointment on Friday. I'm holding off telling the family until after that. I did tell my bestie because I really HAD to tell someone. So I texted her:

Me: Guess what guess what?

Her:'re pregnant and having a girl and naming her Moonbeam?

Me: Uh.. you're partly right! LOL

Her: OMFG! I was just being a sarcastic ass! LMAO!


And I gave my supervisor a heads up because my doctor's appointments are cutting into my work time. She gave me a big hug, and was happy for me!


My tentative dude date (based on all the online calculations) is December 7th. That's my niece's birthday. I can't wait to see the look on my sister's face when I tell her. Funny as hell, siblings fertile at the same time of the year! LOL


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Re: How will you tell family?

What an exciting time in your life! Congratulations!



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Re: How will you tell family?

We waited as long as we could (5 weeks, lol) and finally spilled the beans on Easter. Put a piece of paper inside plastic eggs that read "Egg-Cellent news baby F is due to hatch 12/26/2014!!" They all got a kick out of it :smileyhappy:
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