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Hello my name is Veronica. I got two positive pregnancy tests yesterday. I have two kids, ages 13 and 11. I had trouble conceiving those two, so my husband and I just kinda went on the "if it happens, it happens" plan, but after that long, we certainly didn't think it would happen. He is super excited.

According to this website's due date calculator, I am due December 4. 

I am cautiously excited. With both the kids, I had low progestrone levels and did have a miscarriage when youngest was 6 months old. And of course, I am thinking of all the implications of having a baby at 40. 

I am hoping that I can connect with other moms to work through this together. 

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Re: Curveball


Like yourself I am cautiousy excited as well as my first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage but I am trying to remain positive and I think we will both be fine! CONGRATS again!!!!!

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Re: Curveball

Wow, that is wonderful!  Congratulations!

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Re: Curveball

Both my bf and I are 36 (will be 37 this year) and we were also on the "if it happens, it happens" plan, since we did have plans to have a family. After 8 months on this plan, I didn't think it would happen either. So I was speechless when I took a test on Sunday and it came back positive. I took it again monday morning just to be sure, and that 2nd line showed up faster than it did on Sunday!


I'm still letting it sink in. But we're pretty excited about this. It's the first one for both of us. :smileyhappy:


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Re: Curveball

well i had my second baby at age 40 and i'm 43 now and 8wks with baby#3
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Re: Curveball


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