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Is changing the due date frequently normal?

I am concerned and my dr yesterday wasn't much help at my appointment. Any advice on this would be helpful. I am pregnant with baby #3. My first child was a week late and 6 pounds 3 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long. My second child was 3 weeks late and 7 pounds and 22 inches long. With my second child my placenta was decomposing and the baby was a grayish color. She was also having trouble with a low heart rate. I feel like my dr waited too long to induce me. He said that was just something that happens sometimes and has nothing to do with being past due. Idk. So now we are pregnant with baby #3 and he has changed my due date 4 times already. The dr said based on how small the baby is he keeps pushing my due date back. I am now 5 weeks later then my original due date. I could understand a week or two but over a month. He has me getting pregnant when I already had a positive pregnancy test. I have an idea when I got pregnant. My husband and I were trying so I was tracking. However, my dr doesn't want to hear it. He said I obv wrote the wrong date down. I am just concerned and worried. I am considering changing dr.'s if possible. Sorry this is so long.

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Re: Is changing the due date frequently normal?

It may be normal, but no one I know has had their due date changed more than once.


Are you in a position where you could get a second opinion- either another doctor within the practice you're currently with or at another office entirely? I know it's not always possible depending on your insurance coverage or your location, but if that's an option for you, it may be worth the trouble to find out if another doctor would agree with the due date.


Let us know what happens! 

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Re: Is changing the due date frequently normal?

Thanks! I am trying to find a new dr now. The nurse at my current office suggested speaking with another Dr at my current office first. She also mentioned it seems to be a common issue with my dr. 

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Re: Is changing the due date frequently normal?

5 weeks is ridiculous, they can't get it that wrong, a week maybe but no more if you were tracking, they told me I'm 6 days out and I know when I conceived and when my last period was... Go with your dates and be assertive about it or I'd change doctors something seems very wrong...
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