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Re: Who was with you when you delivered your baby?

For the first 4 births, it was just my husband. The births were in very sterile delivery suites. I felt restricted and couldn't move. First and third were induced early due to complications in pregnancy. Second and fourth were spontaneous. My hubby was such a great birth partner. For the last, I chose a water birth in the local hospital's birthing centre with my hubby once again AND my daughter. We thought it would be a good idea since we were expecting a girl and wanted her to be there to welcome her baby sister into this world after having three brothers. All didn't go according to plan though. So, ended up giving birth in delivery suit once again.
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Re: Who was with you when you delivered your baby?

My husband was with me. Wasn't much if a help though. There were a bit complications but everything turned out ik
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