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My birth experience

March 23rd, 2013- It was the day of my baby shower. I woke up feeling sick, unable to keep anything (including water) down! Not a good way to start what's supposed to be a fun day! But my friend came four hours up for it and was going to be spending the night so I put on a very convincing happy face and enjoyed my baby shower. I finally was able to eat a few crackers and drink some Gatorade after a good five hours of nothing. But I was starting to get a headache and was getting some abdominal pain. It was getting close to 6pm when I decided something doesn't feel right.


I told my mom about how I was starting to feel a little worse and that I wanted to call the doctor. Calling after hours meant a lot of waiting music and listening to my mom saying how it's just normal pregnancy sickness and it's probably unnecessary to go see a doctor. Of course she was still willing to take me anyways. It was getting close to 6:30 when I finally got told that I should come in and we (my mom, my friend and I) left immediately.


I texted my husband saying I was going to the hospital but probably nothing to worry about.  He was getting ready for guy's night out. So I arrived to the hospital assuming they'd take a look at me, tell me I was just having Braxton Hicks contractions and that's all. I go into labor & delivery (which is where you get sent after hours) and the nurse and on-call doctor come to check me out.  That's when things got very real and scary for me fast.


I was 4 cm dialted. I was 80% effaced. My baby's head position was at 0. His heartrate was at 190 and I was severly dehydrated. Plus I was having frequent and strong contractions and didn't even know it!...and I was only at 32 weeks! I immediately had my friend text my husband to come to the hospital immediately because the baby might be coming tonight! I was rushed to a regular delivery room, put on fluids and medicine to stop the labor. They quickly gave the first steriod shot in my leg to help his lungs develop. I had all the monitors hooked up to me and all the IVs. Luckily, his heartrate lowered to normal and my contractions slowed down (they were every minute at first!) Of course, I had to stay at the hospital at least a couple days so my baby and I could be monitored. My husband and I got the serious talk about premature babies and how they go to the NICU and all the problems that could occur. All we could do at the time was hope for the best.


Luckily for us my son decided to stay in for longer but let me tell you, my stay at the hospital to slow labor was the five longest days of my life! Walking my IV's to the bathroom with me, swollen hands, feet and legs, bruises from the shots, no showering allowed for the first 2 days, and not-so-great hospital food. Although one nurse gave me a pedicure- that was nice!


I was put on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy and had to take meds to keep contractions down every 6 hours until I hit 36 weeks. I cheated and rented a wheelchair so I could get pushed around and be able to leave the house. It wasn't very fun, but I got a lot of reading done. There were a few times when my contractions got worse and I thought I'd end up delivering but never did. 36 weeks finally came and I was able to get off the meds and FINALLY off bedrest. So two days later on April 21st my son decided it was a good time to come!


My water had broke mid-morning but I wasn't sure at first so I didn't go to the hospital until 3:30pm. They had to put my on pitocin because my contractions weren't strong enough. I kept going with no extra pain, but it was nearing 10pm and if active labor didn't start soon I would need a c-section! So my doctor, like a genious, got her finger in there, forced the rest of my water out and OMG those contractions came at me hard! The pain was way too much for me (especially since I have fibromyalgia) so I got an epidural. I had about 45 minutes of contractions until it was time to push. (Which after an epidural hurt more than the contractions!) It didn't take a lot (although it did take an episiodomy) and after a bit of pushing out he came. Riley- born at 11:12 pm, 6 lbs 8 oz, 20.5 in long! No sweat, no crying, no screaming.


Although he was born a bit early and even though I had a difficult pregnancy and technically month long labor, it was all worth it! Even having to be in the hospital with him for five days! I love him and he is thriving at the same rate as all full-term babies despite being a month early! If you took the time to read this I will be amazed! But if you came this far just remember (if you don't have kids yet) sometimes (actually usually) things don't turn out as planned and sometimes you could end up with a difficult pregnancy but your baby will be the most precious gift you could ever have!



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Re: My birth experience

I really enjoyed reading your story!  Riley is precious!

~ Christine ~
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Re: My birth experience

Thank you!
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Re: My birth experience

Enjoyed it!


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Re: My birth experience

Congratulations.. I'm at the 36 week Mark..can't wait to meet my little prince.. yours is so precious

Mom to be in 24 days!
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Re: My birth experience

Congrats. Am at 31 weeks n I started have pains but my doc say they r Braxton hicks. So am just here waiting fit wats next
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