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My birth experience for my 5th Born

Two days to delivery I began to dislike all sorts of foods including those that I had previously  had an addiction for.My husband was out of town  and I was alone with two of my children and the nanny.

On the D-day,two weeks to my EDD,I went to bed at 9p.m An hour later,I was woken up by  a sharp pain that ran thru my stomach,instinctively I rushed to the toilet.It felt like I was gonna have a running stomach.Nothing happened so I went back to bed.Shortly after the same feeling came over me and again I rushed to the toilet-this time round I passed a dot of urine.

The  pain  started coming every so often but in as much as this was my fifth child,I somehow told myself that it could not have been labour setting in.Things however changed when I started spotting.Then I knew for sure that this was now  labour pains.

I showered,dressed up and took out my baby bag in between the contractions.As I tried to call for a cab,my waters broke....all hell came down.I was screaming.My nanny ran top my room,I was on the floor,the room was a mess,the baby was crowning.My nine year old woke up to the commotion and began phoning his father and all the neighbours he could thing of.My ten year old sat up crying in her bed.

All under one hour,at 11.30 p.m the baby came with the help of only me nanny.

I thank God that help arrived on time,a doctor from the neighbourhood cut the cord,wrapped the baby and delivered the placenta.We were then rushed to hospital after this.My Gynae wondered how a mother of four could not distinguish between labour and a running stomach.He later asked me "what were you thinking,why did you wait to deliver at home?"I could only smile that all went well.

My son Rynel is now three and a half  months old,all bubbly and happy.He is our Sunshine.We love him to bits and he smiles alot.

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Re: My birth experience for my 5th Born

Thanks so much for sharing! Congrats!

~ Christine ~
Mom to a sweet little girl and 2 busy boys
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