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My Second Birth- Emma Grace

Just in case you didn't read my first birth story let me catch you up...

I had to be induced and had a fast and relatively easy birth and recovery.  So that means that this being my second birth it should be even easier... right?

Wrong!  3 days after my due date I was laying in bed and timing contractions.  I wanted so bad to go into labor on my own so I was pretty excited when they didn't slow down or get easier.  At 11 pm on June 20 we went to the hospital hoping we were having a baby tonight!  Well, they confirmed that I was in labor but sent us home anyway to labor some more.  When we came back (7 am the next morning) I was at a 6 and was admitted!  Hallelujah!  I was able to breath and control the pain better than I did with my first birth so that was nice. :smileyhappy: But at a 8 I wanted the epidural; I just couldn't stand the pain anymore.  Now with Dixie (my first baby) the man hit the stop first try and I didn't feel a thing.  Not this time.  The guy was a younger guy and he didn't seem to know what he was doing.  It took him 4 tries and a LOT of pain until it was finally in place.  Ugh my back was killing me and actually still is.  I wanted to sleep a little bit before it was time to push but no such luck. 

When the nurse came in to check me I was complete but I couldn't push.  My darling Emma was face down.  Literally.  Her nose and forehead were trying to come out first and she was way too low for the doctor to turn so the only other choice was C Section.  I was crying when they told me.  I was terrified.  I was supposed to have an easy delivery and a quick recovery.  Why in the world was my daughter not cooperating?  Oh well. They came in and prepped me and wheeled me to the OR.  Once in there my husband was given a gown and cap and booties and was placed by the head of my bed.  That was a big help.  He talked to me through the whole surgery and I didn't really feel anything but pressure so that was good. 

I was really sick afterward and I kept apologizing for puking everywhere haha But the nurses and staff were very understanding and overall very helpful.  My husband went with our daughter while I was wheeled to recovery.  I was so anxious to see my baby and feed her for the first time and luckily it wasn't too long and her and her father joined me in recovery.  She did great nursing just like her sister did and today she is 12 days old! 

Even though this birth didn't go as I wanted it to I wouldn't do a thing different.  I now have two perfect daughters and I am healing great.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: My Second Birth- Emma Grace

Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter! I'm glad you're healing well and Emma latched on well. You chose a beautiful name!

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Re: My Second Birth- Emma Grace

So glad you are doing well! I LOVE her name :smileyhappy: Congratulations!
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