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My First Birth- Dixie Rose

Last year I gave birth to my now wonderful and energetic one year old...

I went in for a check up 10 days after my due date.  I was miserable!  The doctor checked me and still no changes.  No dilation, or softening, no nothing.  I was disappointed but not too surprised.  I guess the doctor felt my pain because he chose to admit me that afternoon and was planning on induction the following morning. 

My husband and I arrived at the hospital at 5 pm and was shown to our room where I would labor and deliver and recover.  We were so excited!  We were finally going to meet our baby girl! :smileyhappy:  They got me changed and in bed and settled down for the night ( I was supposed to get plenty of rest for the big day ahead of us).  The gave me a pill that was supposed to soften my cervix and then they said I could eat and get some sleep.  Yeah, right.  After I took the pill I tried to eat but I got really sick to my stomach so I just drank some water and watched tv.  At about 10 pm I kept having to run to the bathroom to pee (so much for sleeping).  At 10:30 pm (the last time I went to the bathroom) my water broke.  Up until this point I hadn't been having any contractions, but man after my water broke they started coming fast! 

The nurse came in then and put an IV in my hand and started giving me pain meds via IV but it didn't help the pain (just made me talk crazy according to my hubby).  I was begging for an epidural but I was only dilated to a 4 at this point.  Finally at 3:20 am I got the epidural!  My miracle drug!  I didn't feel a thing while getting it and then afterward I went right to sleep.  At about 6 am I woke up feeling a LOT of pressure.  I called the nurse in and woke my husband, mom, and baby's godmother up and when she checked me sure enough I was ready to push! 

After I pushed 3 or 4 times I was told to stop.  Apparently Dixie was ready to be born right then!  The doctor finally got there after what seemed like forever and after 2 or 3 more pushes Dixie Rose Hancock was born!  She was born at 7:32 am and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19 in long.

Today she is 14 months old and 23 lbs and running everywhere!!  I just recently gave birth to my second daughter and Dixie is already a great big sister :smileyhappy: Couldn't be prouder of my girls! :smileyhappy:

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Re: My First Birth- Dixie Rose

Loved reading about your experience! Congrats on your two sweet girls!
~ Christine ~
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