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My 26 week delivery

I was 25 week when I went into laber with my son, Damien. I went into the hospital with a bladder infection which was causeing contractions. After antibiotics, 3 rounds of steroids and patocin the doctors could not stop my labor but simply prolong it. On the 5th day of labor, I was woken up by a doctor telling me to prepare to bury my son, that there was no way he would survive outside the womb being so early. Less than 24 hours later my water broke, only there was no amniotic fluid it was nothing but blood. From the time my water broke until they got the baby out took 10  minutes. After that it took another 2 hours and 45 minutes. My son was 1 pound 13 oz and 14 inches long. 

Following my sons birth at 26 weeks 5 days, it took 10 minutes for the RT to get him to breathe. He spent 2 months 8 days in the NICU gaining weight and developing his lungs. When he was 3 days old the doctors did a MRI of my son and learned that he is missing the optic nerve on his right side and the corpus callosum in his brain.
Now my son is almost 5, blind in his right side and perfect healthy.

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Re: My 26 week delivery

Wow, your son is a true miracle :smileyhappy:

~ Christine ~
Mom to a sweet little girl and 2 busy boys
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Re: My 26 week delivery

Your son is a miracle cherish him always
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