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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

I felt really proud the other day.

I went up to 10 year old Tom, who was reading a new book, and asked him "How are you?" His automatic response was, "bad."
Now, I wasn't too worried by this, as it seems to be his usual sarcastic answer, but I did feel obliged to ask him "What's wrong?"
He looked me straight in the eyes and answered immediately "Your face!"
I could have been offended, but I had to take a 5 minute laughing break first.
I'm on here for my fantabulous little brother (who I parent more than my parents!)
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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

We recently had a death in the family. So as many of you know you have a lot of gueat, so leave it to my three year old son to bring laughter upon us all!! We are all sitting discussing the funeral when he runs into a crowded room and and yells " don't worry mom I didn't poop my pants, I just sharted a little!"(thank you older cousins for teaching him this lol) So then this mortified mom gets to explain to a few elderly woman what a shart is....they are then so excited to know that there is an actual word (not sure its actually proper lingo) to explain what has happened to them before. Again mortified!!

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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

Today on the way to school, a car was driving fast and changing lanes often.  My 5 year old son said, "Mom, that guy has terrible driving skittles!"  I think that he meant (skills).

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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

My son will be 5 in March and we just found out we are expecting our second. When picking Chance up from preschool I told him I had a really big secret. I leaned down to his eye level and said, "remember Mommy said I was going to the doctor while you were at school?" He responded yes and stared at me expectantly. I whispered in his ear, "We're gonna have a baby." And waited for his excitement because he has been begging for a little brother for almost 6 months. INSTEAD, he leans back, stares at my belly, then looks back at my face and replies, "why?" His teachers and I laughed so hard we nearly fell over.
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