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Talking to strangers

I keep a journal and I like to jot down funny things the kids say or new things they learn. I just recently told a friend about this one, so it is fresh in my mind.


When my daugher was 4, maybe had just turned 5, we were at the library and I was picking out a few books for myself before we head to the children's area. An ellderly woman comes up and also is looking at books and she says hi to my daughter. My daughter is very sociable and decides to tell this woman, "My mommy is getting books to read when she goes poop!"  The woman graciously just nodded her head and walked over to a different shelf.


I just dropped my head and grabbed my daughter's hand and dragged her into the children's area, telling that her that she is not discuss any sort of bathroom stuff with strangers! LOL


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Re: Talking to strangers

Lol oops!
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