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switching to formula

My 2 month old baby has been spitting up and puking like crazy since she was born. Its something that has worried me but everyone else says is normal. I was induced 3 weeks early bc the placenta was dying off. I had a lot of late ultrasounds and her stomach was 4 wks behind her size which was already 3 weeks behind from my due date. I was exclusively bf but recently got a sample for similac sensitive which I have tried with her and she is doing amazing!! She hasn't been spitting up as much and hasn't puked it all.. is it ok to fully make the switch to this formula before I talk with her pediatrician? Or is that something I should speak with him about first? Or any other opinions? Thanks ahead for the help! 1st time mom here
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Re: switching to formula

Honestly, in my case I eneded up hating Similar when I looked into it further. It is not all that great. I have then done my in depth research and fully switched to HiPP formula, it is absoultely amazin and fully organic which is not something you can find often. Yes, it is not the cheapest as it comes from Europe but even my pediatrician was amazed and then started recommending it to the rest of his patients. Worth a try, afterall your baby deserved the best right ? :-) When I started using it I notcied the baby was calmer and happier, simple change of food changed everything. 

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Re: switching to formula

Are you eating dairy at all? If you are, and she did great on the similac sensitive, and you would rather keep breastfeeding, I would totally cut dairy in your diet altogether. Otherwise, this is definitely something your doctor should know about. Similac sensitive is meant for babies with dairy insensitivity, so your doc may want you try something else just to make sure she shouldn't be on a different formula instead.


My baby has GERD. It hasn't been formally diagnosed but she was basically a fountain of spit up after each feeding, eating constantly, colicky, and had this bad diaper rash all the time when we took her home from the hospital, so she's diagnosed based off of symptoms in her chart. I'm able to 100% manage it through diet though. I've been EBFing and have identified her triggers as basically anything that comes from an animal with four legs (so no milk products, beef, pork, etc), fish, and soy. At each of her check ups our pediatrician checks in to see if she has outgrown sensitivities or if I'm still having to avoid those products. Also with babies that have sensitivities, they'll want you to hold off on solid foods until they are older.

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Re: switching to formula

I know this post is a little late, but incase someone else stumbles upon it I figured I would reply. My son had the same problem with BF - excessive spit up and gas. I tried different elimination diets and no changes. All it did was stress me out. Then I started pumping and realized how much milk I was producing. I was accidentally feeding him too fast and maybe too much. Now I pump and feed with a Dr. Brown bottle. There has been a huge improvement. I still BF occasionally but I am much more diligent with burp breaks and only give him one breast per feeding.
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