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almost 2 week old constipation

My baby born October 9, 2013 is constipated....she has a doctors appt tomorrow but does anyone know reasons why she would be?

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Re: almost 2 week old constipation

If you are breastfeeding, their bodies digest it much better than formula and she may not poop very often. My sister's babies would both only poop about once every 5-7 days when they were being breastfed.


If you are formula feeding, then you may want to try a different brand. Enfamil was notorious for making DD1 cranky/ constipated. She did much better with good start. 

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Re: almost 2 week old constipation

It could be what you are eating as well,my little girl and I had the same problem,she would poop daily,then she didn't for 3 days,I know it isn't anything compared to two weeks,but I guess you just know when something isn't quite right with your baby--
Anyhow,it ended up being what I ate,or thats what i believe because as soon as i went back to a lot of fluids and soups,she started her normal bowel movements and was less fussy.
Also formula,I had trouble with her latching so I went back and forth with formula and breast milk here and there...I really don't think she liked that/:
Well,Hopefully your doctor figures what's going on and that she feels better,I know how upsetting it is not knowing exactly what's happening.
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