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The marking of baby clothes is important.

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The skin of babies is really soft and the quality of clothes for them are highly required. But there are many baby clothes in the market is far away from the standard. Recently, our City Administration of industry and Commerce had found many unqualified baby clothes. Yan Liyong, a member of the western part of City Administration of industry and Commerce showed us that the unqualifiedbaby clothes had no name of producer, address and phone numbers. And all these should be equipped in qualified baby clothes. And they also checked the quality carefully,. Ms Feng:I buy baby clothes in stores and do not know the exact details. (Do you know there are A type and B type?) No, I don't. Ms He: I don't know about A and B type but I bought baby clothes in exclusive stores. I think it's okay for babies. For the situation of the market, Lian Du Consumer Protection Committee suggest the seller and buyer, while choosing baby clothes, the light color ones with cotton material is better, and you should pay attention on the notes. A type is just for baby and B type can be touched the skin. C type is the ones can not been strictly touched.

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