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Starting on Cows Milk


Our midget will be one year at the end of August. He is incredibly healthy and eats... probably more than he should! ;-) He adores cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, fro-yo, ice cream... pretty much anything we have given him with dairy.
When I have asked our family doctor, she is not concerned with all the dairy he does currently get, but doesn't want him weened to cows milk itself until at least the age of one. I, however, want to start making the switch at 11 months - introducing it slowly over time (ounce by ounce with formula base - 1 ounce milk to 7 ounces formula, gradually increasing, etc.) so that by 14 months, he is on cows milk fully.
I don't see a problem starting him at 11 months because of all the dairy he's been having already (and he's been eating it - starting with yogurt first - since he was 6 months) without issue.

Are we wrong to start early? Is there damage it can cause? Should we wait to transition him until a full year? Have any of your children started before the actual age of one year? It is a daunting, and confusing, issue and we can use all the advice you are willing to give....

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Re: Starting on Cows Milk

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These are all great questions. Do as much research as possible on the subject. I would like to think that your doctor knows best.


If doctor said wait until baby is a year old, thats what I would do. I believe that they are not developed enough to handle the extra stuff that cows milk has in it. After all, cows milk is made for baby cows, not baby people:smileyhappy:


Here is some good information:


Let me know if you have more questions. I might not know the answer, but I can help find it.



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Re: Starting on Cows Milk

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I feel one shouldn't start too early too feed their baby on cow's milk, even if the baby is good in digestion. Take doctor's advisory well in advance to introduce anything new in baby's diet.

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Re: Starting on Cows Milk

We started cows milk a couple weeks before dd1's first birthday in a sippy cup. We never mixed it with anything, just straight whole milk. She liked it so much she pretty much self weaned except for night and morning nursing, so it was a fairly straight switch.


If he's doing well on all that other dairy, he would probably be OK but I would wait until a little closer to his birthday and instead of mixing it with formula I would use it by itself in a sippy once or twice a day and then just slowly increase the number of sippies with whole milk.

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Re: Starting on Cows Milk

I was going to do the same thing before our little one turned one until I did a little research about it... I learned that the baby's stomach is not completely developed enough to break down the proteins that are in the cow's milk and if given to early could cause damage to the intestines... with that in mind, I waited til he was about 11 onths and 3 weeks just to be on the safe side. Have a blessed one.
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