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Ready to wean but confused on how to begin?

Hey ladies,

My babygirl just turned a year old yesterday! Yay! My main goal had been to BF the whole first year, then wean her starting the day after her first birthday and I'd begin a regular combo BCP when I got my cycle this month.

I almost am afraid to stop BF'ing because I've been doing it for so long, its second nature. But at the same time, I am totally ready to have my BB's back to myself.

I have also had many "woman" issues since delievery, which makes weaning her appealing. I got Mirena IUD when i was 6 weeks PP, and had spotting every single day for 8 months (and i was still PP bleeding when I got mirena as imagine 9 months of bleeding constantly! UGH. It quit the very day I had it removed), I also had about 15-20 yeast infections while I had the IUD, along with a burning sensation "down there". These problems continued after the IUD was removed, and It was determined that I was suffering from "lactional vaginal atrophy"...aka.. my body thought i was in menopause from BFing so much..and the IUD also drains estrogen levels (that were already low due to breastfeeding).. so I was perscribed a tropical estrogen cream (Estrace) to try..and WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I've still had issues since this diagnosis, so my GYN is convinced it will stop after I quit breastfeeding. She also had me try Lo Loestrin FE, and wanted me to use that while I BF'd so I wouldnt end up prego again. It didnt do much but dropped my supply the first day so I stopped and we agreed to use condoms for protection and have been quite diligent in that area (as well as learning Im allergic to latex down there. *rolls eyes*) So, I would love to get myself back to "normal" and hope that weaning Layla will be the key, just as Dr. M thinks so as well.


I just have no idea how to go about it.

She only BF's in the morning and maybe once in the afternoon.  depends on her mood

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