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Knee pain while breast feeding??

Hi all,

Does anyone experience pain in their knees since giving birth?

I have a 5month old and ever since giving birth my knees have become increasingly painful. They ache and feel like the knee caps are going to explode. I have trouble going up and down stairs and getting up and down from the floor. My knees seem swollen sometimes and on the odd occasion I even have bruising just above the kneecaps. I have seen doctor and she said to just rest.

I was very active before bubs came along always running etc and I've never ever had knee problems. I have been told it could be to do with the hormones your body produces that relax your joints and the pain should stop once I stop feeding. I have now tried everything from natural remedies, massage, to strengthening my quadriceps muscles because I thought they could be weak and causing strain on my knees, but nothing seems to have helped. I still experience terrible pain every day.

Anyone else had similar problems? Thanks :smileyhappy:x
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Re: Knee pain while breast feeding??

I did with my first (knee and foot) until I got back to pre pregnancy weight. With my second I had hip problems after and will need to do pt for it.
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Re: Knee pain while breast feeding??

I had the EXACT same symptoms of extreme knee pain and trouble bending or squatting during the time I breastfeeding my son. I was in good shape and only gained 20 lbs with pregnancy and also never had knee problems. The pain seemed to subside on its own when my son was around 12 months old and he nursed until age 15 months. I had suspected the pain was from calcium levels being too low and upped my calcium intake.
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